You have probably heard the saying “We are spiritual beings having a human experience”.

As children, most of us were aware of that truth as we played with invisible playmates and witnessed magic in our backyards. Unfortunately, growing up with other human beings who’d forgotten who they really are and therefore could not help us to know ourselves, trained us to forget, leading us to believe that we are limited beings with only one earthly life to live. Pressured to conform to this concept, we lost touch with our full potential.

It is through our connection to Light that we ‘see’ beyond our visible world and beyond what the physical world reveals. By accessing this wisdom, we remember that we are not as limited as we have been taught. In fact, we are filled with divine grace and power. A daily practice of tuning into this vast potential [through meditation] and conversing with it opens the door through which we can reclaim our true identity, answering the calling that the time has come to re-create paradise on earth.

We no longer live in a predictable world in which we can trust external authority figures.  As we re-awaken to Truth during this time of great change in the world, we need to access our own inner Light to survive as we shift into a new consciousness. With rapid change around us, we must be able to trust our own ability to sense what is happening and how we can best respond.

Accessing the information that will help us navigate these uncertain waters resides in our own awareness of ourselves as Beings of Light. We must firmly trust our own inner discernment and not be led away from our own Truth.

Be patient with yourself as you grow. Follow the Divine spark within your heart and once you can feel and embrace your own Divinity, you will discover that you are here for far greater reasons than you may be currently aware of.

Take each step from your heart centre and combine that with your deepest Truth. This will always keep you grounded, and no circumstance can disrupt your inner equilibrium where you always feel deep secure peace.

Trust what your heart tells you. Bring it out into your life, and express your Divine nature. This is your gift to humanity.

Lumen Beings  (Light Beings)
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Recorded on the evening of Thursday October 8, 2009.
“We’re not just human beings.” As Shunyamurti, the director of the Sat Yoga Institute in Costa Rica, tells us, “We’re lumen beings.” We are not, as the name “human” implies, beings made of earth but rather beings of light. And this recognition of our true nature actually raises the vibrational level of consciousness and opens us up to the in-pouring of grace. And like a light bulb, “the current goes through the light and heats up a filament and then the filament becomes luminous.And so the consciousness that is being used to simply go into rational thought becomes luminous, intuitive knowing. And then the higher dimensions of our being become palpable. They literally become lit up. And that radiance has a profound effect on the whole energy field, not only of the body itself and all the cells and its atomic structure, but also on the entire field of awareness of the physical plane and on all those who are in the same region of space and time. . . . and then the filament of our consciousness as a group is lit up.

We become like a candelabra and each light strengthens the other, and the power of that then burns away the karma that had been acting like a shell that had closed us down and contracted a wall around the heart. And that melts away and we are liberated.”


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Breathing in, I calm my body.
Breathing out, I smile.
Breathing in,
there is only the present moment.
Breathing out,
it is a wonderful moment.

Thich Nhat Hanh

Beings of Light?

How often do we hear ‘We’re all Beings of Light’?  Why is it then that we’re not all sitting here saying ‘well I can clearly see that you, my friend, are a being of light!’?  This is for a few very simple reasons to do with what light is and how it works….

The phrase ‘Beings of Light’ tends to be used casually.  Its thrown into conversation as an agreement of something felt and known rather than something clearly seen with the naked eye.  Most of us, despite making this statement, perceive each other as animate objects, clearly physical rather than clearly light.  We may intellectually accept the idea that we are ‘light’, but often don’t have any experience to back it up.

But what does the phrase actually mean? What is Light anyway?

What is Light?
‘Light’ is a name for a part of a spectrum called the ‘electromagnetic spectrum’. This is shown below.


The diagram isn’t to scale because ‘visible light’, the light we see as colours, or as ‘white light’ (all the colours together), makes up only 0.0001% of the whole electromagnetic spectrum. That’sone thousandth of a percent. That is truly astounding!

So we actually cannot see, with the naked, undeveloped eye, 99.999% of what is in the world around us.

The electromagnetic spectrum is really an energy spectrum, and is simply a ‘measuring stick’ for measuring waves of different lengths and frequencies.

When we say ‘we are Beings of Light’ what we are really saying is ‘we are Beings of Energy’.  The energy, or light, we usually perceive is in the range of physical vibrations.  So we may perceive a person as a ‘physical object’, but even the substance of the physical body is energy, and therefore part of the same spectrum as light.

We simply can’t perceive the ‘rest’ of the energy around us most of the time because it is outside our normal visible range and we haven’t been shown how to See This Light

The Peculiarity of Colour
We are trained from birth to look only at the light emanating from, or bouncing off, objects. We do not pay attention to the light that travels in between objects.

What we see as colour is really just the frequencies of visible light that the object did not absorb. This is really very peculiar if you think about it. All we see is the fragments of light bouncing off the surface of objects, or emanating from them (like in the instance of red, or white hot metal), rarely, if ever, do we actually ‘See the Light’! or, for that matter, the things we are actually trying to See (instead, we are merely ‘looking’)

Why Can’t I See The Light?
We are trained and brought up to look at the world in a particular way. This ‘everyday vision’ can also be called ‘Predator Vision’ because we ‘track’ objects like a predator tracks its prey. Our eyes and minds constantly assess the threat of objects, instantly categorising them in terms of distance, size, identity and whether it is a threat or not. Our conclusion of this near-instantaneous process determines whether we feel comfortable and at ease, or uneasy and insecure.  This process and method leads us to look at the world as a world of objects arrayed in space around us, but dismisses what lies in between them.

This ‘predator vision’ is only one way we can look at the world though. It is the most common by far, but it is not the only one.

Because we are so used to looking at the light ‘bouncing off’ or emitting from objects around us, the only way we can See The Light, which is the actual light and not a ‘refraction’ of it, is when we stop looking at the objects in the world around us, and start to See what is between them.

If we only normally see 0.0001% of what is around us in the electromagnetic spectrum, and all the wonders and beauties of our world are within that thousandth of a percent, then think of the amazing beauty in the other 99.999% – if we can develop the capacity to perceive even one more thousandth of a percent, we double our perceptive ability, and we are still perceiving hardly anything at all! This increasing in perceptive capacity is called en: lighten: ment, the state of Seeing more light.

Seeing, not Looking
When we systematically stop ‘looking’ at the world with our ‘predator vision’ we start to allow our natural faculties which can‘see the light’ to awaken. This seeing is not always visual, it can be a feeling, a knowing, a hearing, and even a smelling. This ‘seeing’ goes by many names, but I call it ‘Knight Vision’, as it is the ‘visual’ capacity of the Soul, the Knight within us all. It is also called thus because it is easier to cultivate at night when there is less natural light ‘bouncing off’ objects to distract us.

We all had both types of ‘vision’ from birth, it is simply the case that we were only ever trained in the use of one of them by our parents, teachers and peers. It is a very simple process to start to practice trying to develop our other ‘vision’ too.

The Importance of Sound
Light, as we have already touched on, works in a peculiar way – if the vibratory rate of the molecules or substance it hits are either too low, too high, or too random to absorb or reflect the light, then it passes straight through.

The significance of this behaviour cannot be understated. If we agree that we are Beings of Light, then the reason we cannot perceive certain parts of the light within and around us is because it’s passing straight through the very molecules and susbtance of our lower awarenesses because our vibratory rate is too low or too random.

This means we can’t absorb the light, and so can’t perceive it, and thus don’t get the benefit of that light, which, in turn, is why we are generally unaware of it.

We can use Sound to increase our vibratory rate, since the frequency and vibration of sound can and does change the frequency of the vibratory rate of our body. This is why they use mantras such as ‘ OM ‘ in the East.

Sounds such as these are not sounds like everyday language, they are designed to be Sounds of Being and are used for working the very vibration of our bodies, so as to raise them, to enable them to absorb higher frequencies of Light.

These types of sound can be called vertical when our ‘everyday communication language’ can be called horizontal.

Both types of sound can heal us, move us, and even change our very state of awareness and vibration. Using only music is beneficial, but it is only one ‘type’. To benefit from most vertical Sounds of Being, we must make them ourselves.

These Sounds raise our vibration in a real, cleansing and healing way, and naturally contribute to the process of helping us all to see more light.

We are more than just Beings of Light – We are all truly Sound and Light shows!